About us

Ueberreuter was founded by the Salzer family in 1946. In spring 2012 Ueberreuter moved from Vienna to Berlin. Since January 2014 Ueberreuter Kinder- und Jugendbuchverlag and Annette Betz share a joint management with G&G Verlag in Vienna, but remain situated in Berlin. 

Annette Betz publishes picture books, combining high literary and artistic quality. The publishing house is known for its true classics, such as »I have a little Problem, said the bear« by Heinz Janisch and Silke Leffler, which has been translated into ten languages. Well known are e.g. Michael Engler and Joëlle Tourlonias, whose picture book »A Tiger like Me« is very successful in the U.S. or the inventive picture books by Katharina Grossmann-Hensel, which has been translated into nine languages. 

Especially popular are the beautifully illustrated musical picture books, that give young children a gentle introduction into the world of classical and modern music. A CD, included in the book, allows children to enjoy the pieces of music while reading and observing the storyline. Thanks to the age-appropriate form, even pre-school children can enjoy operas such as »The Magic Flute«, or classical pieces like »The Moonlight Sonata«. In November 2014, »The Magic Flute« was awarded a gold record in the category »Kids Award« for more than 100.000 copies sold in Germany, in 2016 Austria followed. With the new series »My first musical picture book« Annette Betz introduces even the youngest book lovers – up from 3 years of age – to the world of classical music. 

Ueberreuter Kinder- und Jugendbuch publishes realistic and fantasy literature for children and young adults. The books aim at girls and boys alike and the program’s balanced to treat all kinds of reading preferences. Most famously, our bestselling »Little Bad Book« – series by Magnus Myst (all together almost 320.000 copies sold) inspires reluctant readers (age 8+) to engage in reading through an interactive approach, witty games and an unconventional structure – to the great delight of children and parents alike. »Little Bad Book« has been sold to fifteen countries. 

Ueberreuter has a long tradition in the literature of the fantastic. Recently we have published the gripping fantasy thriller »Becoming Elektra – They decide who you are« by Christian Handel, the true master of the fantasy world. A story about Elektra´s klon Isabelle, which raises questions as f.e. Can people be replaced? or How far is too far?