About Us

Since January 2014 Ueberreuter Kinder- und Jugendbuchverlag and Annette Betz share a joint management with G&G Verlag in Vienna, but remain situated in Berlin.

Annette Betz publishes books for children up to six years of age. Its programme consists of picture books, songbooks and series, combining high literary and artistic quality. To mark its Fiftieth anniversary, the publishing house released a selection of its best-known picture books in a new format in 2013. The titles include e. g. Ich hab ein kleines Problem, sagte der Bär by Heinz Janisch and Silke Leffler. The beautifully illustrated musical picture books give young children a gentle introduction into the world of classical and modern music. Thanks to the age-appropriate form, even pre-school children can enjoy operas such as The Magic Flute or classical pieces like The Moldau.

Ueberreuter was founded by the Salzer family in 1946. In spring 2012 Ueberreuter moved from Vienna to Berlin. Ueberreuter Kinder- und Jugendbuch publishes realistic and fantasy literature for children and young adults. The spring 2014 list includes the sequel of Andrea Schütze’s funny character Count Coriander. Bradley Buxbaum writes a strong debut with Cactus Kid and Jens Schumachers Asmoduin, the nuisance from hell, is back, eating even more chocolate bars! In the young adult section, Wolfgang Hohlbein’s books are timeless fantasy classics. In realistic fiction, Carolin Philipps writes sensitive yet page turning books on issues such as child abuse, prostitution and bullying.